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Welcome to the web page of Joe C. Pickett!

We hope that you'll find it interesting and entertaining as well. As you'll see Joe is or isn't just an "average Joe!" Multi talented and multi faceted Joe loves to share his talents and interest with his community. Being a Texas Legislator for the last 21 years has not slowed him down but instead, enabled him to share his interest with everyone! Being the Representative for the 79th  District of the House of Representatives in El Paso has been his priority and blessing that he lends his leadership and talents for the people of El Paso and Texas. As you'll see, Joe is an accomplished legislator, writer, welder and all around cleaver guy!

Is he an average Joe?

Well, if you ask him he'll tell you, yes! Look at his accomplishments and talents and you'll see someone who has a lot more behind a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face! Probably the most approachable person in the Texas legislature; he is always ready to talk transportation, automobile collections or welding. Everyone that knows Joe knows he's a real guy, not just some stuffed shirt in it for himself. Always ready to shake a hand and listen, if you never met him, you wouldn't be able to pick him out of the crowd, but, heck, he's the guy standing over there in his short sleeve shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots.

We hope that you enjoy the links to the website, his collection of cars and the links that the he thought you might be interested in, from transportation to cars, kids and community!:)

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