Joe C. Pickett
(Former) Texas State Representative
(Above:1917 Model T Ford, fully restored in the Texas State Capitol in Austin)

Welcome to the web page of Joe C. Pickett!

We hope that you'll find it interesting and entertaining as well. Joe loves to share his talents and interest with his community. Joe Pickett's role as an active Texas Legislator for the last 23 years has enabled him to share his interests with everyone! Being the Representative for the 79th  District of the House of Representatives in El Paso has been his priority and blessing, and he greatly enjoys lending his leadership and talents for the people of El Paso and Texas. Joe is an accomplished legislator, writer, welder, drummer, instructor, real estate broker, father and car collector, although he doesn't count them in that order as priorities. 

Not Your Average Joe 

Joe Pickett always has a project he's focused on. He keeps busy working in both the legislature and in the community, and he helps to restore unique automobiles- he's always had a love for cars. Joe Pickett is an approachable person in the Texas Legislature- he's always ready to talk transportation, automobile collections or welding. Joe is always ready to shake a hand and listen and he prefers to blend in with the crowd, dressing casually whenever he can.  

We hope that you enjoy  learning more about Joe Pickett in his roles as State Representative, father, car collector, and community leader. 

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