Joe C. Pickett
Texas State Representative

The Committees I Serve On
House Environmental Regulation Committee
During the 85th Legislative Session, Representative Pickett was named the Chairman of the House Environmental Regulation Committee by House Speaker Joe Strauss. The Chairman's duties include making certain intended legislation does not have poor consequences for the citizens of Texas by holding hearings and having agency and industry representatives testify on the bill's purpose. For the House Environmental Committee, these hearings involve the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, or TCEQ, as well as the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact! Industries, or non-state companies who are potentially impacted by the bill, as well as members of the public, testify at these hearings. But not all of the work is done in a nice clean hearing room- the Committee members (Environmental Regulation has nine members who are all State Representatives and who attend meetings together) also went on a tour of a landfill, recycling, and composting facility to see up close and personal how the process works and to learn more about ways to ensure that Texas is safe and clean for generations to come. 

House Transportation Committee
Well, we all know by now that Representative Pickett has a love for cars- he has been collecting and restoring them since he was in high school, after all! Prior to being named Chairman of the Environmental Regulation Committee, Representative Pickett was named Chairman of the Transportation Committee for several sessions in his career as a State Representative. He is a dedicated advocate to ensuring that Texas' many state roadways are safe for all drivers, and he is also dedicated to ensuring that the roadways are created without overburdening the state in terms of long-term debt. Transportation in Texas is a huge issue that encompasses roadways, highways, bridges, railroads, water transportation, and ferries that are part of the Texas highways system- and that's not even the whole list! During the 83rd Legislative Session Chairman Pickett's work and leadership developed legislation that passed in both the House and the Senate to create the necessary legislation for the Texas Constitutional Amendment, Proposition 1, which was supported by Texas voters and passed with 80% approval. Pickett spent hundreds of hours in developing, working with both Republicans and Democrats and the Texas Voters, to bring the first step to address funding for the current transportation system in Texas.

The 84th Legislative Session which adjourned on June 1st, 2015, passed the next step of transportation funding issues currently known as SJR-5 (Enabling Legislation). This is also a Texas Constitutional Amendment that will be up for voter approval in the future. SJR-5 was the results of many hours of hard work, consensus building, and leadership. The work for the amendment continues by the Chairman. During the 84th, Representative Pickett authored 32 house bills, joint authored 14 bills, and co-sponsored 10 bills.

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